messagfor president RENE GACIA PREVAL

Astre Francois - June 12 2009, 1:15 PM

so GOODmorning Mr president how is your health condition which I hope is good thank god so the reason why I take yhe time to write you this note is ask you what do you plan this year for the huricane season where we have been experienced before and we know what the hurican have done to the haitian peoples so I hope this time you are prepared for the incoming events so we wont have all the cries that we have last year concerning the hurrican strike the country where so many human being lost their lives for no reason cause the neggligence by the responsable of the country so the same way for OBAMA as I ASKED HIM WHAT HE WILL DO TO STOP ANOTHER 11 September2003 samething for you too what would you do to stop all these lives lost again like that have been done before like in leogane the river of rouyonne who keep flooding the commune what do you plan to do for the peoples in leogane about flooding by the momance river and la porte river what do you have like plan to help us with this kind of problem constantly every time a rain fall in leogane problem problem problem so talk to tell me your plan A plan B PLAN C to help the peasants innocents by standers who keep victim because of the careless of the haitian government

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