Ditto what Ggvikay said. Zac, this Montresor guy has been...

Linda - May 20 2009, 12:43 PM

Ditto what Ggvikay said. Zac, this Montresor guy has been trying to scam people on this site for years.

I found out years ago that he is part of one of those right wing missionary groups who are trying to infiltrate the Haitian government system in order to enforce their religious dogma on the nation.

When I found him out and sent the bloggers on this site to look at his website so that they could see for themselves the religious fanatics that are backing him, he quickly changed his website to hide the evidence.

Be careful Zac, this guy may be loony, but loony people with fanatics backing them can be dangerous.

By the way I really liked what you wrote in your post; see response.

Response to:

You are a wise man, Zac! This Montresor guy is a scam...


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I visited Montressor's web page. I read the policies...

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