Boy, I was only gone a few weeks and you guys logged in 108...

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Boy, I was only gone a few weeks and you guys logged in 108 times to discuss this issue.

I only want to respond to one of the many interesting comments you made (I think both the comments that I agreed with and the ones that I didn't were interesting).

However, I will only respond to the one made by Patrick Henry, because his struck a cord with me. He said that "We are sons of Dessalines!" I had to give some serious thought to what Dessalines himself would have felt towards an individual like Preval.

We know that Dessalines was an extremely proud man, who wanted more than anything else for the blacks of his island to be respected.

We know from the historical records that D always acted with pride and dignity, some would say like a prince.

We know that he acted so much like royalty, although he had been a slave, that the whites hated him for it. We know that besides Dessalines all of those who fought for the revolution and later on after the revolution were resented by the white world because of their arrogance and pride.

We know that until recently, even though we were poor, the white world still remembered us as those "gilded" Negroes, and they hated us for it. So when I think about D and the others who fought for our independence, I think they must be turning in their graves when they see the sewer that Preval is dragging us through with his spineless, dishonorable, embarrassing behavior that keeps bringing only shame on all Haitians.

As for Dessalines, if you study the kind of man that he was, how arrogant and full of pride he was, you can be pretty sure that he is probably turning in his grave today itching to send Preval to some dark hole where no one would ever see him again.

Linda, May 18 2009, 4:13 PM

Topic: Did Obama Diss Preval

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Hans Duperoi, 11-May-09 11:37 pm
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Ariel Derilus, 13-May-09 10:22 am
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Patrick Henry, 13-May-09 2:06 pm
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Joel, 14-May-09 7:45 am
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Pier Miller, 16-May-09 5:25 pm
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Vilo Exantus, 17-May-09 10:46 pm
Boy, I was only gone a few weeks and you guys logged in 108 times to discuss this issue. I only want to respond to one... read more >
Linda, 18-May-09 4:13 pm
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Eliahou Patrick Henry, 27-May-09 10:59 am
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