I am in complete agreement with Moggy. Vilo

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I am in complete agreement with Moggy.


Vilo Exantus, May 17 2009, 10:46 PM

Topic: Did Obama Diss Preval

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Well Joel I choose to disagree. Remember the American code of no servants of no one. I believe Michelle chose to do... read more >
Hans Duperoi, 11-May-09 11:37 pm
first of all i'm haitian,i think preval is a president of a republic this is not what a president does. read more >
Ariel Derilus, 13-May-09 10:22 am
If he did, shame on him!!! It is Preval right to conform not himself to so called rules. A president is a president... read more >
Patrick Henry, 13-May-09 2:06 pm
I couldn't agree more, Patrick. Preval might be a mental midget when it comes to protocol and politics, but he is... read more >
Joel, 14-May-09 7:45 am
As haitian I'm not proud of such matter, but as man who like to respect principles like this one that our president... read more >
Pier Miller, 16-May-09 5:25 pm
I am in complete agreement with Moggy. Vilo read more >
Vilo Exantus, 17-May-09 10:46 pm
Boy, I was only gone a few weeks and you guys logged in 108 times to discuss this issue. I only want to respond to one... read more >
Linda, 18-May-09 4:13 pm
I Wonder if Obama or any of his close collaborators would read these comments made by the Haitian People after his... read more >
Vilo Exantus, 19-May-09 1:31 am
Dans l’informel entre homologues, tout protocole est sense banni: "Dans ces circonstances, le protocole exige entre... read more >
I Hope This Word War Is Over We Have Better Things To Post And Discuss, 19-May-09 3:00 pm
Anyway! Anyhow! We should think and act and mean who we are : Haitians! and the world should know it once for all... read more >
Eliahou Patrick Henry, 27-May-09 10:59 am
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