Haiti is always looking for crisis!

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If the CEP is not looking for a crisis then I don't know what it is looking for.
This looks like a joke. Are they telling us that all the candidates of Fanmi Lavalas are not eligible to participate in the electoral race?

Those bulldogs that we call leaders in this country really have absolutely no understanding of the great need that we have to harness peace in every way we can to maintain a stable Haiti.

They must explain with the constitution in their hands and with the electoral rules in their hands, the rational for taking such a foolish action.

Frankly, I see no reason that some of us who are away from Haiti should believe that the country will change.

If in such a time in the history of the country when we are trying hard to maintain peace someone, even if one did not like the Lavalas, would do such a thing.

I wish Haiti never existed if we will have to put up with bloody demonstrations again.They just don't get it.Just a little common sense about inclusiveness, just that they don't have, yet they are in charge of election.

Obviously our leaders are not thinking right.Even if it were to be a compromise we have to go for it, so that we can keep the country at peace.

We must value peace fro our country known everywhere on the planet as one of the poorest in the world.

give the country a chance to live in peace,

Farewell CEP!!!!

Louinel Jean, February 7 2009, 2:44 PM

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