Montresor, Thanks for your prompt response. I like to exchange...

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Thanks for your prompt response.

I like to exchange ideas not insult.

I like people with plans and backup plans and I am good at finding holes in them also.

I was happy to see you had a plan, so many Haitian thinks they deserve to be in the National Palace just because they can sing "Haiti Cheri pi bel peyi pase ou nan point".

I like the idea of the "Get it or Forget it".

With 1 million of Haitians(they say around 2 millions but you have to minus you the illegal ones) you can get a good chunk of money However I have one questions about it. Have you check to see if "Haitian Americans" can have dual citizenship because when you're taking the Oath they make you renounce all your obligation to any other country?

As you must know no Haitian will risk losing their US citizenship.

About the Nuclear power plant my friend.

First, the Nuclear Power Plant emits strontium 90 radiation that can cause soft tissue, bone, and leukemia cancers...

Second, you need over 14 billions to build two nuclear reactors capable to meet the annual power needs for only one-half million homes.

We have about 9 millions people in Haiti.

On top of it you need to take into account plant decommissioning, nuclear waste storage costs, operating cost, security cost.
That is why the entire US is not powered by Nuclear energy.

And I do not think Haiti can afford it.

I would like you to tell me your plan to stop the violence in Haiti but before closing the "blackout problem" chapter I was wondering how you planned to stop people from stealing electricity so you can have a revenue.

It is good to see a Haitian man thinking and planning.



Sebastian, January 6 2009, 11:50 PM

Topic: Kreyòl Creole to be Haiti’s First Language

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Montresor, Thanks for your prompt response. I like to exchange ideas not insult. I like people with plans and backup... read more >
Sebastian, 6-Jan-09 11:50 pm
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