I really understood your frustration and i believed u have all...

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I really understood your frustration and i believed u have all the right in the world to be as u r now. Make sure next time u appointed someone for the highest in the land u r not elected someone like him or aristide.

My point is that we must have respect for the office he holds.

I believe we should criticized his office and show some respect for the person.

In the 60's and 70's someone would have been scared to call any haitian president...even u were oversees.

Oh! Dr fleurima wait a minute it is the 90' and 2008. DEMOCRACY.

Oh yes but it does not means I should say and do as i please.

If the president were my father or my cousin or a relative you know what i am saying.

I do not know Mr. Preval I do not know what type of work he is doing now to tell you the true. I am so busy with my work ect. I only understand as haitian we must start one place where we may not agree with what someone is doing but appreciate at least something he did or does.

I want to thank u for sharing.

I hope you turn your frustation into a positive criticism do something for nation and make the world of her by helping even to have a civilized conversation with the world concerning politic in haiti.

Dr Bernadin Fleurima, November 17 2008, 7:37 PM

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Tiba-se sa mwin vle di nan mesaj mwin an nou ganyin dwa di se youn prezidan "j'approuve" ou byin rele li ninpot non... read more >
Lamar Coffy, 17-Nov-08 3:54 pm
Please respect him, as it's because of him, all countries are pouring their own money in haiti. Respect to you and the... read more >
Ken, 17-Nov-08 5:25 pm
Wow La Lionne, what a list of great and accurate decisions of this individual who now holds the tittle of Haitian... read more >
Linda, 17-Nov-08 6:06 pm
lamar, I respecfully disagree with you. Contrary to your belief, anyone can be president. It is always up to the... read more >
Tiba, 17-Nov-08 6:09 pm
Dr. Fleurima; No one said the job was going to be easy. When Preval took the presidency, he knew the country was in... read more >
Linda, 17-Nov-08 6:25 pm
In my previous post, I meant to say "definitions, not decisions." Here it is again Wow La Lionne, what a list of great... read more >
Linda, 17-Nov-08 6:33 pm
Hi Tiba, I agreed with everything you said...well not everything. My attack of Preval are not just about his... read more >
Linda, 17-Nov-08 6:51 pm
ken, I can tell that you drink tafia with Preval every day of the week. If you don't quit driking that crap you are... read more >
Tiba, 17-Nov-08 7:03 pm
I really understood your frustration and i believed u have all the right in the world to be as u r now. Make sure next... read more >
Dr Bernadin Fleurima, 17-Nov-08 7:37 pm
Linda, pa kite blood pressure-w monte non sister. Tempo Bien que mwen dako ave-w nan keksyon "BEG" la. Mwen genyen... read more >
1 6 3 1, 18-Nov-08 2:50 am
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