Lamar, I respecfully disagree with you. Contrary to your...

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I respecfully disagree with you. Contrary to your belief, anyone can be president.

It is always up to the people to make that decision and the choice.

Being president doesn't make anyone a god, and the title of the presidency doesn't immune any president from criticism and name calling either.

It happens everywhere.

Haven't you watch American news?

The American public calls Bush all the name in the book publically, on television, radio, and newspapers.

This is what you get when don't meet the people demands and needs as president.

You get insulted!

There is, however, a limit on the insult one must never use on a president or on any other person or citizen.

Lamar, you must understand that this politics and is it nothing personal.

I don't think anyone, myself included, attacks Preval as a man and a person, but rather as president.

He may be an agronome, well educated, but whether you agree or not, Preval is the most incompetent and mediocre president that ever lives.

Preval is really a disgrace for the presidency.

Understand that someone can have a Ph.D, or being a brain surgeon, or rocket scientist, and that person is incompetent and mediocre in term of governing, administrating, or running a country or a business, etc....

incompetence and mediocrity don't aply only and solely to illeterates, or those with low level of education, or a bouretye, or a garbage collector.

Preval needs to know that he is incompetent and mediocre so he can try to do better otherwise he will believe that he is doing a magnificent job as president.

Tiba, November 17 2008, 6:09 PM

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Linda, 17-Nov-08 6:06 pm
lamar, I respecfully disagree with you. Contrary to your belief, anyone can be president. It is always up to the... read more >
Tiba, 17-Nov-08 6:09 pm
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Linda, 17-Nov-08 6:25 pm
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Linda, 17-Nov-08 6:33 pm
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Linda, 17-Nov-08 6:51 pm
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Tiba, 17-Nov-08 7:03 pm
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Dr Bernadin Fleurima, 17-Nov-08 7:37 pm
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