Rompre les relations diplomatiques avec US Canada

As Sad As I - January 1 2007, 9:37 PM

Gentlemen Good Morning
I Salute you, every one of you for taking part in this debate.

I can feel the pain, the anger and the desparation in your writings.

I sense this desire to change things around despite abyssimal differences in your statements.

Nevertheless it remains clear that the ultimate goal is Haiti.

This Historic Haiti.

This feared Haiti.

This broken Haiti.

This abused Haiti but this still alive Haiti.

This resilient Haiti.

GENTLEMEN We will survive! we will stand again.

Somewhere around the world a leader will rise up and will change things around.

We have traditional ennemies who have disguised themselves as friends and undermine every effort we do to move forward.

We must break diplomatic relations with them for one month and re evaluate our relationship with them....

We must look beyong the Horizon for new friendship and ask those traditional allies what do they want from us?

servitude or partnership.

W e must confront them with their fomenting division among ourselves and prevent us from reaching national goals thru their far reaching corruption agenda...

Only then will we stand up and walk
A patriot at 10000 kms from our shore

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