Interview With Kevin Pina

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Watch the Interview With Kevin Pina video, This is a very short excerpt of an interview with producer director Kevin Pina in late 2004 also http www metamute org en U N Liberating Haitihttp www youtube com watch v OoEyuZ0kjGwKevin Pina began reporting from Haiti in 1991 for the KPFA News in the United States He reported on human rights violations committed by the Haitian military in the poor neighborhood of Cite Soleil following the coup of September 30 1991 that was led by Raoul Cedras and Michel Fran ois He began producing his first documentary about Haiti Harvest of Hope in late 1990 Pina survived an assassination attempt in July 1993 while interviewing Haitian senator Thomas Eddy Dupiton Gunmen fired at Pina from a passing car in front of the senator s home in Canape Verte Pina reportedly dove for cover as Dupiton stood behind him The senator was shot in the forearm Pina was accused by Cedras and his Canadian intelligence advisor Lynn Garrisonof having set up Dupiton Garrison who has a long history of ties to the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense intelligence Agency referred to Pina as a Judas Goat asserting the journalist had participated in a plot by Aristide and Lavalas to assassinate Senator Dupiton Pina released his first documentary on Haiti Haiti Harvest of Hope in 1997 After deciding to produce a sequel Pina moved to Haiti in Jan 1999 and began living and working there for the next seven years During that time he worked as a consultant for Television Nationale d Haiti teaching camera and editing techniques to the staff Pina also worked in a similar position at Tele Haiti a privately owned station in the capital He later became the Station Manager of Tele Max Haiti s largest and privately owned television station that became the subject of unfounded rumors it was owned and or controlled by President Aristide Tele Max sole owner not Aristide sold the station to Wyclef Jean in 2007 Pina produced and or edited over 30 Haitian music videos between 2000 2004 including Raram Brother s Posse Rappin Family Chandel and Kampeche to name a few He also produced and directed several informational videos for clients in Haiti including Oganize W for the Pan American Development Foundation and Fonkoze The Alternative for Fonkoze the Community Development Bank for the Poor Pina was first forced into hiding due to death threats against his person and family on March 2 2004 This came one day after he released a controversial interview with former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune confirming Aristide had been forced to leave against his will After attempting to return home he and his family were forced back into hiding a second time after photos of an opposition demonstration published on the cover of the Haitian newspaper Le Matin showed protesters carrying placards reading Denounce Kevin Pina Pina began reporting regularly for FLASHPOINTS in 2003 a radio program heard daily on the flagship station of the Pacifica Network and was invited as an Associate Editor at the Black Commentator Pina completed his Bachelor s Degree in Humanities after moving back to his hometown of Oakland CA in March 2006 He was the recipient of several grants and scholarships and has worked as a Final Cut Pro instructor at New College of California in San Francisco Pina has also consulted and worked as a freelance video editor on several documentary films unrelated to Haiti Pina is preparing for his Master of Fine Arts in Cinema has just released HAITI We must kill the BANDITS and is editing the final documentary in his Haiti trilogy HAITI The Betrayal of Democracy Pina s Haiti projects have been sponsored by the Marin Interfaith Taskforce on the Americas and independently funded through the generous contributions of over 300 individuals in the United States Canada and Latin America Recently edited documentary by Kevin Pina

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John says...

Haitian priest Father Gerard Jean-Juste, a symbol of strength, courage and leadership to a great many, was to be laid to rest by his family, friends and supporters on June 18. Few expected the solemn occasion would be transformed into confusion and terror as U.N. forces opened fire towards Haiti's national cathedral following the arrest of one of the mourners.

A victim of a single gunshot wound to the head would be discovered moments later.

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