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Il Faudra Bien que Haiti se Relève

Ce jour-là,Haiti sera délibéré!Par-ce-que entre les USA et Haiti des océans d'histoire, des... more »

The government that failed to offer its condolence

THE FAILED HAITIAN GOVERNMENT? Funds donated in previous disasters remain unaccounted for? By Parnell Duverger Chief... more »

France: Fernandez comme proxy Préval son satrape.

Le cataclysme a traumatisé la nation et choqué le monde. L'exode tout azimut vers les provinces où des... more »

US France now Canada Organized Hypocrisy Game

Protecting Haiti's Interest by John Maxwell The Big Three tormenters of Haiti the U.S., France and now Canada are... more »

Is Haitia new Saudi Arabia? Billions in Petroleum.

The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti By F. William Engdahl Author of Full Spectrum Dominance:Totalitarian... more »

Vers les ann es 1980 ne voulant pas croire cette v rit ...

Vers les années 1980 ne voulant pas croire à cette vérité historique un Ministre des Mines... more »

Perhaps this following video might help but its in Spanish...

Perhaps this following video might help but its in Spanish. Chavez did accuse USA of testing this new tectonic weapon... more »

Haitians should Apply for TPS Cost 500 US dollars

Immigration will wave fees for some that show hardship. Information on how to apply for TPS: If you are applying for... more »

HAARP :Alerte. Haïti est Menacée!

HAARP :Alerte. Haïti est Menacée! Est-ce que Haïti a été intentionnellement détruit ou... more »

Haiti Under Attack! HAARP Can Create Earthquakes

ALERT; HAARP is new weapon of mass destruction that can trigger an earthquake. Is Haiti being intentionally destroyed... more »

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