Well said trebu

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Well said Trebu but I think you're a little bit too tough on Preval and the Lavalassians.

I was one of them though no one knew me. I never participated in the meetings because I feared there might be spies everywhere, but I went to the church and I loved, as a teenager, to listen to that man saying what I wanted to hear to cooperate to my then marxist tendencies, my sensitivity towards misery and abuses in the society at all levels.

Not all Lavalassians or former ones support or have ever supported Aristide when he went back. Most of them discovered his poo mental capacity soon and ran away.
aristide did not create Lavalas, he gave it a name so he could steal the legitimate revendications of the people and put it all on his back to make him look like a small Atlas carrying the country on his shoulder.

Preval is not that sadistic.

I do not believe so.
aristide wasted it all up, este desgraciado-matador- mamaguebon.

Ya me voy Piensa-lo bien.

Ayisyen Patriyot, December 27 2006, 1:57 AM

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