Wilgeens Rosenberg - June 26 2008, 4:13 PM


By Wilgeens "AfroLatinoYoSoy" Rosenberg.


I am posting these videos to allow you all to see the flip flopping waves of Mc.Cain or maybe it just might be age or old man's eventualities kicking in. Mc.Cain just might want to get off that Double Talk Express or maybe perhaps stays on it right to his habitual old man's nap and sleep (lol).

Looking at these videos being shown here in this post is doing just that which is simply and merely exposing Mc.Cain for the "Double Talk" that he is as oppose to the Straight Talk that he and some others claim him to be, not (lol)! If you are a Haitian and can vote here is the USA, please get out and vote and encourage others to vote and start getting involved as a constituent in your home state you reside in by doing what you are entitled in and of doing as an American-Haitian Citizen which is to communicate with your State Representatives you have elected as you all should always be very careful as to who you vote for this coming up election or any other elections fro that matter...

Get to know and familiar with the Agendas of those politicians on the issues.

Get a good look at Mc.Cain' s hypocritical stance on Foreign Policies and now his hardcore approach toward keeping troops in Iraq which Obama opposes and wants to pull out of and bring the troops home as opposed of perhaps much like then of what Mc.Cain's stance was in whether or not to keeping troops in other regions of the world coincidentally just happen to be Haiti & Somalia.

Please pay great attentions to the process or as to who you elect this election may have a pro-founding & propounding effect on what gets to happen here in the USA for you, back home in Haiti and perhaps much around the World as in fact you will see for yourself McCain's YouTube Problem Just Indeed Became A Nightmare for America And The World much like Bush's both terms were. Are we to go through a third one?

Here are the videos and you be the judge...

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