Hi Mr. President

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Mr President Rene Preval.

I would like to know one thing?

this holiday season 2006 there are more than 75,000 haitians in the diaspora who would like to spend the holiday season in their loving homeland Haiti which would have contributed a great plus in the haitian economy.They cannot come home because of this disease that afflicted our country.

( Kidnapping ).

As the president, the head of the nation how do you feel inside the core of your being that you are handicap to solve the kidnapping problem.

you made speech to stop all the violence yet nothing happened.

How would you want history to rate you Mr. president?

would haiti ever be safe again?

beacause we haitian in the diaspora haiti is vitamin, source of life and hoping one day to return home. Happy holliday Mr. President

Max, December 22 2006, 5:37 AM

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