Haiti and the future of Haiti

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We need control of our population, and badly so. Decentralization is a must. SECURITY will bring foreign investments ( small industries ).

Small industries should be spread all over and we would see a rebirth of our provinces and cities...

like Miragoane, Anse a Veau. Cavaillon, Port a Piment, Tiburon etc...

Small industry jobs in the provinces would allow schools, local farming etc...

to blossom and stop the flow of people from the provinces to Port au Prince which is grossly overcrowded.

The Dispersed Ones ( Diaspora ) would help with their money, knowledge and love for the country but it is time for the politicians to stop posturing and blockading.

I was forced to adopt the American nationality to be able to practice surgery in the USA and become a member of the American Board of surgery ( FACS ).

But I am and always will be Haitian and I should be able to retain my nationality.

I would rather share my surgical knowledge with my Haitian brothers rather than American citizens but I don't have a choice.

I would rather spend my money in Haiti and invest in Haiti but the security situation is a big Minus.

Tourism could be extremely profitable to our country but there again security is like the 5000 pounds elephant in the room. If all of us agree to join hands, your Excellency, we could perform miracles.

We did 200 plus years ago.

Roger J.malebranche Md Facs, May 27 2008, 5:26 PM

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