Solving Insecurity in 90 days/Robert recipe.

Trebor - February 18 2008, 11:27 PM



Responding to Robert, I disagree that the government should set fire in an entire area of Cite Soleil, Bel Air, or Fort National as well as other bidonvilles.This is too cynical.

Do not forget that decent people with limited or virtually no income live in those areas.

They can't be be the scapegoats, while the most notorious kidnappers and drug dealers may be living in exceptional residential neighborhoods.

We can not choose to exterminate people for the sole reason that they are poor.

In addition, the solution that you proposed is not only a Duvalier's recipe.

I do agree with you, however, that those dangerous criminals are morgaging or seriously compromising the future of Haiti.

The government, I don't mean only the president, needs too show more political conviction to root out criminals in Haiti with more arbitrary methods.You may not agree with it. But why do you think that a certain government invented the Guantanamo style, for instance.

At time it is necessary to be independent-minded to frivolous international criticism to take care of business at home.
Those criminalls need to be killed and their properties confiscated, just like Robert suggested.

People living with kidnapers must be held acountable.

That's why confiscating their properties can be a serious an effective deterrent.

The vodoo also must be abolished.

It hasn't taken us anywhere to continue to be living as "diables, Zombis", son of the devils.

You name it!

we cannot be so insensitive, as a nation, to the practice of crimes.

We need to report those criminals.

There are our common ennemies

I understand the seriousness of the economic situation of our country and the possibility of nurturing deviants.

I understand the economic mess that the the country is in.
But we need to take some bold steps to clean up the country, like Robert suggested.

Frustrated, he might have exagerated in some aspects, but it is crucial to claim the country back from criminals, drug dealers, vodooism, fake Minustah( where is the beef)
Put the country back in the hands of God!
Enough of those silly beliefs in self destruction.

Make it illegal once for all for for those that are poisonning, inventing dangerous substances to kill and"leve morts nan cimetieres"( part of the vodoo practices).

We need to see our authorities more enclined to protect the lives of the people living in the country.

We need leadership to help look at those prevalent problems and propose permanent solutions.

Haitian politicians, it is time to look at phase II.
Phase I has been almost inertia.Only with regard to bold steps.

I can't take credit away from what has been done.

Again, don't listen to Wilgens Rosemberg.

He has somebody's agenda.

Haitian Army has never been a solution.

It will never be a solution.

Our problems are: crimes, erosion, roads, feeding the people, jobs, congested streets, Voila, Digicel expensive telephone cards that are ruining people's pockets, anarchic constructions, lack of incentives to foster tourism, despair.

We can generate pride by making the country safe and attractive.

We omly need to be serious by taking bold steps.

I understand the next election in United States is of paramount importance for our country.

But we can not wait for ever.

Executive, legislative as well as judiciary branch, the people need your leadership.

Stop being passive and only blaming president Preval.

(Like Himler Rebu and Kaplume were ready to celebrate to see the president being challenged, because life is expensive)

The solution is not having an election everytime some of you feels necessary.

The country needs stability.

We all need to pull together to identify our problems and propose concrete solutions.

We can not afford to continue fighting for power.

That has been so detrimental to the country's well being.

Again, Robert if you can extract the exagerations from your blog, it can be a good recipe.

You don't need too be cynical, we are all Haitians.

And Wilgens Rosemberg, do not try to convince us about the army please.

It is easy to realize where you stand.

Nobody is blind.

Just stop that!

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