hispanola's divided wall

Wilgeens Rosenberg - February 17 2008, 5:56 PM

This Wall As Our Differences.

By Wilgeens Rosenberg

The problem that exists between the two nations is that they both have their irreconcilable pride, prejudices and resentment from power shifting to the next. Thus over time created this divided WALL.

I mean, who is or was the real enemy here?

Is it the Dominicans towards the Haitians?

Or is it the Haitians towards the Dominicans?

Or is it neither of the two but the invaders of the past who roamed onto the island, and other islands like it in the Caribbean, committed atrocities and genocide and created those differences?

Before any of us post absurd comments, we should really conduct a thorough research on the history of first the entire Island as it was before being conquered, during and after.

In addition, researches must be made to the the history and struggles of Haiti, then the one of Dominicana separately; then compared and contrasted before anything.

Which by the way and keep in mind, there would not have been a Dominican Republic has it not been to the great revolt of the Slaves in Haiti regardless of what DR's struggles may have been to gain their independence.

Undeniably, something many Dominicans do not want to accept or find hard to take in and realize.

The fact remains is that Dominicans, much like most of other Latinos wants to deny their African ancestral background and really trying to relate themselves with Euro-Spania more. As the Latin International Committee have failed the Latin Americas as a whole due to lack of Education and has not properly informed the Latin Americas on the fact of history and genetic relativity nor their geographical composure as how and why we are called the Latin Americas.

The reality is, all of this negative build up energy towards the two are a result of European colonization whether of the French or Spain.

They are both European.

Dominicans or Haitians together have not come to term to realize and accept that they are both HISPANOLANOS, QUISQUEYANOS, AYTIANOS or BOYANOS.

No, Neither side do not even recall of the original names of the Island and do not want to concede to such grace there is to be who they are in that hemisphere of the world.

Rather, Dominicans want to claim everything that is good about the Island and put everything that is negative on the Haitians primarily based on racial prejudice as they look at the black skin with great sense of inferiority even when most Dominicans are people of color themselves (Who can forget the campaign of Trujillo the of the known Caribbean for wanting to whiten the Dominican race by massacred 35, 000 Haitians at the border and killed several thousands of dark skinned or colored complexion Dominicans, his very own).

The second reason why Dominicans are claiming glory over the situation is also because of their recent economical bolster which actually happened, to remind many of you on here, in 2004 due to mass amount of money sent back home from family members from the USA as well as the precipitant and sudden rush in tourism in DR which really happened due to the rise of insecurity and constant political In or Destabilization of Haiti which shifted the flow of tourism to DR more than it ever has in History.

Once again something that may be hard for many Dominicans to swallow as the truth pill.

Haitians on the other hand, due to the obvious and condescending mistreatment by the Dominicans have grown a sense of distrust and hatred to the Dominicans in still believing and see Dominicans more as descendant of racist European Spaniards and have justified that treatment under that premise therefore causes the Haitian to isolate themselves from DR. Unlucky for Haiti, Dominicans are not only the ones they do not trust.

Secondly, it is the obvious many other European and American countries that still resented Haiti for the slave revolt that occurred as well as they have turned Haiti into this Pariah State.

Understand this, Haiti, directly as well as indirectly had helped many other Nations in the Americas to both abolish slavery and even gain their Independence and in return those nations have blatantly betrayed Haiti or has not given the proper recognition which always have served as major blow and slap in many eyes of Haitians in great reference to THE BETRAYAL AT PANAMA.

There, partly and mainly, exists the great apparent reasons why the world look at Haiti they it does. It is quite funny really, why every black history month celebration within the month of February have still may have not given proper credit to Haiti in terms of inspiration, exemplary beacon for their vary freedom revolt chain reaction.

Remember, people used to go visit the Island not to go see only DR or HAITI alone or separately, but rather to go see the one PEARL that has stood against SLAVERY and served as beacon to the Freedom Revolt of slaves in the USA, LATIN AMERICA.

People like Frederick Douglas, Simon Bolivar, Charles Sumner of the US early Congress and many more who wanted to marvel at the one PEARL which have given a massive blow to the European and American Empire which crumbled and exposed their exploited injustice to the world for the barbarians they truly were. Who is the real enemy here which in retrospect, I would rather sadly say, only the greed of History.

That is why it baffles me to see the ignorance people are projecting these days toward each other without realizing the greater potentials at hand here.

Haiti is being mistreated as such based on their color of their skin, the resentment it had created for itself by Europe and Americas because Haiti disrupted their economical cash flow, much worse and embarrassing to them it was more insulting that it was done to them by people of color.

The lesson to keep in mind people, 80 % of the real cause behind slavery had nothing much to do with race per say, but rather it had all to do with capitalization and Empire growth of the Europeans.

By no racial means I say this. Yes by saying Europeans it includes both France and Spain and by saying Americans it also includes Portugal and "Former-Europeans, Later-became Americans" White America.

However you see, neither Dominicans or Haitians would want to dig deep into their hearts to face their enemy within they have created for one another based solemnly on the premise hood of, classicism and deep rooted denials on both part of their mistakes, miscommunication and inhumanity.

All those built up prejudices were not born with, but rather taught and acquired.

Neither of them has the time to research their common goals and commonality that exist between them that they are both the same breed of people except from different European colonists.

You know what...

It has come of no shocking matter at all and as well as it has come to no apparent bliss without any doubts that this would require too much brain cells and power and heart to do. Indeed that would require too much effort and togetherness much more and nevertheless too much education and learning.

It is sadly a shame what great peril humanity has come to. That by facts is the The Wall Of Our Differences everywhere.

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Wilgeens Rosenberg says...

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