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27.Seem to Work for the Interests of Others While Furthering Your Own
The Alliance Strategy.

Form temporary allies to meet your current needs, do what is necessary to hide the temporary nature of your business.

Undermine the alliances of your opponents to weaken them. Be wary of people that come to your assistance.

Other will use this against you, ensure that they do not use you negatively.

Look to turn that alliance to your positive.

Find those to advance your current interests.

Help someone else you need help from to create debt. We need allies in our struggles--for resource, skill or protection.

When fighting allies create mistrust between them dividing their ranks.

Damage other's alliances.

28.Give Your Rivals Enough Rope To Hang Themselves: The One-Upmanship Strategy.

Give your opponents the space to make mistakes, provide them with assignments they cannot complete and damage their reputation.

Hide your involvement and maintain your innocent.

* The Art of One-Upmanship.

Look for the internal rival, find their weak spot and needle it to make them anxious.

Employ others to work the anxiety and make it bigger.

Get the rival to over-react and step back and let them do the rest. When they are near the end of their destruction offer help, not to rub in the defeat, but help show your innocence.

(Caution: This approach can raise suspicions and be politically costly; a direct approach will minimize that cost. Use this sparingly.)
29.Take Small Bites: The Fait Accompli Strategy
Make advances by small pieces, often going unnoticed by your rivals.

By the time they notice your growth, it may be too late. People dislike confrontation so giving little pieces is easy. Look for opportunities in a rival's troubled times.

Take control, your opponent will have to fight to get it back. Be patient, time is your ally. (Caution: When being attacked by this method, stop it decisively.)
30.Penetrate Their Minds: Communication Strategies.

Fight with words that will occupy your opponent, make them think and try to interpret your meaning.

Use actions other than words, when needed, to make a lasting impression.

Use the profound to stay with other people over time. Shock will bring short lived communication.

Communicate with action, not only words.

Communication must focus on change.

Silence can say more than words.

31.Destroy From Within: The Inner Front Strategy.

Infiltrate your opponent's camp. Once there, you do not need to attack or show your intentions.

Slowly take over from within.

Do not attack the walls of the fort, attack from within.

Undermine the morale of your opponent's troops.

Be patient and take small steps.

Exploit the disaffected with your opponent and use them.
Befriend your opponent and work from within their mind. Keep your group of conspirators small.

(Caution: Always Look for the saboteur within, but do not be paranoid.

Treat your troops fairly and they will police themselves)
32. Dominate While Seeming to Submit: The Passive-Aggressive Strategy.

Use non-aggression to fight your opponent.

Their aggressive acts will benefit you and garner support from others.

Since there is the presentation of both "good" and "bad" traits, people normally see only the positive approach.

Using passive-aggressive behavior the "positive" stands out. (Caution: Train yourself to see passive-aggressive and react to it.Stop passive-aggressive behavior quickly)You can succumb to others, while covertly fighting.ie.Mahatma Ghandi of In India.


Through Acts of Terror: The Chain Reaction Strategy.

The goal is chaos and creating the lack of trust in familiar surroundings.

What was once safe is now uncertain.

KEYS TO WARFARE:When attacked like the above: Responding dispassionately will defeat the cause.

Thwart the attacks at the point of the attack.

Create unstable ground.Take the moral high ground, exploit being the victim .Randomize the frequency of attack.

Most effective in small bands.

Fighting back in a disproportionate manner fuels their cause.

THE END. That was my year end gift to this blog.

Flo, December 13 2007, 7:02 PM


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