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22 for strategy missing from list Know How To End Things
The Exit Strategy.

Know when you are beat and cut your loses.

Know how to win with flair and bring a positive conclusion to the encounter; reducing your opponents in the future.

Closure needs satisfaction for all involved.

Humiliation of the defeated only creates animosity.

23.Weave a Seamless Blend of Fact and Fiction: Mis-perception Strategies.

Deception is an ancient art and invaluable when throwing people off your track.

Misinformation and decoys can consume your opponent.

Uncovered deception is a huge advantage to your opponent.

Maintain a cover story in case you are discovered.Don't rely only on deception; it is tool not a plan.Make a strong front look weak.Feed your opponent with misinformation.

24.Take The Line of Least Expectation: The Ordinary-Extraordinary Strategy.

Do the unexpected.

If always calm be radical, if always radical do something ordinary.

# Unconventional Warfare.

* Use tactics that your opponent does not know.
* Mix ordinary tactics with the unusual.

* Act crazy but calculated.

* Continue to think of new things.

25.Occupy the Moral High Ground: The Righteous Strategy
Justify your cause as the correct and moral way. Show your opponent's self-serving side. Show yourself as the underdog.

Reveal the hypocrisy of your opponent.

Justify your actions based on morality.

Represent yourself as "good", your opponent as "bad".Wars of self-interest are short and defined.

Make your opponent start the actual "fight".Wars on moral grounds are long and protracted, attempting to annihilate the roots of the immoral.

26. Deny Them Targets: The Strategy of the Void
Remove any targets you have for your opponents.

Do not create a front or make your front so broad that attacking it attacks their base. The "No targets" will frustrate your opponents increasing the chance they will make a mistake.

Flo, December 13 2007, 6:21 PM


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