33 strategies of war continues 17-21

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17.Defeat Them in Detail: The Divide and Conquer Strategy
Look at the parts and determine how to control the individual parts, create dissension and leverage it. Historically people have banded together to defend themselves, deny them this comfort.

Divide groups and they are easier to conquer.

Surprise and splinter the group by attacking the pieces.

Romans divided the power base of their captured areas so that no one area had the power to attack.

18.Expose and Attack Your Enemy's Soft Flank.

The Turning Strategy
Bait for a frontal attack, get your opponent to extend his ranks and in the distraction have your forces attack his exposed flank or rear. Indirection is the key to modern day business battles.

Use charm and flattery to lure you opponent to drop guard.

19.Envelop The Enemy: The Annihilation Strategy
Maintain constant pressure on your opponent to defeat their will power.

The psychology of enclosure is strong.

John D. Rockefeller used this tactic continually to "surround" potential competition by buying land and infrastructure they needed to compete with him. Use what you have in abundance.

Create the feeling of being surrounded by creating attacks from nowhere.

(CAUTION: Without 100% success you are left open to reprisal)
20.Maneuver Them Into Weakness: The Ripening For the Sickle Strategy
Continue calculated moves in your position.

This will enable you to control the situation and bewilder and exhaust your opponent.

Maneuver Warfare
* Create flexible plans with many options.

* Make plans that keep your opponent in check and always on a new defensive.

* Make plans that give you room to maneuver.

* Make plans with slight irrationality to puzzle your opponent.

21. Negotiate While Advancing: The Diplomatic-War Strategy
When negotiating a settlement you should not let up on the pressure to advance.

This provides you more to negotiate with and does not give your opponent time to regroup.

Be amiable, but focus on the goal of advancement.

Maintain pressure and advance to give your opponent reason to conclude.

Flo, December 13 2007, 5:59 PM


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