33 strategies of war continues 12-16

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12.Lose The Battles But Win The War: Grand Strategy.

Have a bigger plan
Look past what appears to be the threat and find the source and attack it. Look beyond the opponent's horizon.

Make your actions hard to follow, do not expose your strategy.

Have purpose and goal, looking far into the future.

13.Know Your Enemy: The Intelligence Strategy
Know your opponent's moves and do not let your motives be known.

Understand their way of thinking.

Gather knowledge of your opponent.

Learn to read people, learn them. Hide your observations.

Strive for quality of information, not quantity.

14. Overwhelm Resistance With Speed and Suddenness: The Blitzkrieg Strategy
Slow methodical start with a well-planned attack, move fast and sure. Slow-slow-quick-quick ATTACKS.

Small units provide mobility.

Must have superior coordination.

Quick orders through light chains of command.

15.Control the Dynamic: Forcing Strategies
Be in control.

Be assertive.

Control your opponent's mind. Move them into your territory.

The Art Of Ultimate Control.

Make the first move, fight on your territory where you are comfortable, look for your opponent's weakness and draw them into it, deceive your opponent to make them think they are in control.

16.Hit Them Where it Hurts: The Center of Gravity Strategy
Attack the central point, be it the command center, supply lines, belief system.

Capture and destroy it.

Flo, December 13 2007, 5:39 PM


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