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I did not read Flo's expose, but I read what you wrote which was: "Why are so much evil and destruction associated with Voodoo"?

Let me mention to you some example of violence and destruction caused by Christians.

I'll try to stay in a chronological order.

[words are capitalized not as shouts but as quick fact finders].

a. One of the best examples of Christian religious violence was in the Middle Ages--the Crusades.

That was one of those many times when European Christians tried to force their vision of religion on everyone else who happened not to be on board with their opinion.

Some serious white on white on brown violence went on in the name of God.

b. Another memorable violent period was Pope Gregory IX's 1231 Inquisition.

If memory serves me correctly there was some serious burning of everyone who was not Christian.

An estimated 60,000 CHRISTIANS KILLED EACH OTHER during that loving Christian time.

The Reformation period is juicy too in terms of Christian violence.

You know that period when even the cardinals were killed along with TWO THIRD of Europe's Christian population was slaughtered by their own Christian brothers.

That was some serious white on white violence.

The Anabaptists briefly took the German city of Munster, when the Catholic armies regained control, they tortured to death the Anabaptist leaders and HUNG THEIR BODIES ON THE CHURCH STEEPLES where they remained for many years as a visible reminder of what happens to those who dare to oppose church authority.

Nice peaceful symbol don't you think?

The African slave trade was in large part justified by Christian claims that the "savages" must be forced into Christianity.

Even better was their claim that it was God who wanted blacks to be slaves.

This little Christian venture claimed the lives of more than 10 MILLION AFRICANS.

Boy, talk of violence, Voudou can't even begin to compete.

Wait, wait!!! I almost forgot! Do you remember those other "savages?" Yeah, those beautiful people that were completely wiped out in many areas.

You know...those Native Americans who were slaughtered by the Europeans in North, Central and South America.

In the Caribbean they WERE WIPED OUT in all but 2 islands.


The numbers of Native Americans killed by your non-violent Christians is estimated at at least 20 MILLION WITHIN JUST THREE GENERATIONS.

More recently, anyone who looks through Nazi propaganda will quickly notice the Christian imagery often represented to defame the Jews. Again Christian "love" resulted into the Holocaust of over 6 MILLION JEWS.

Witness the slaughter of 900,000 RWANDANS in 1994 in a population that was over 90 % Christian not Vodouist.

Hold it! I remember another one...

Hey remember those Bosnians, you know, the Christian ones who between 1992-1995 systematically murdered more than 200,000 MUSLIM CIVILIANS including women and children.

Let's not forget how many WOMEN our beloved Christians RAPED during there various escapades.

Ireland and their NONE ENDING WAR (until recently) where Christians killed each other for 25 years.

How's that for a record of violence?

Now can you really even mention Voudou in the same breath?

I'm Catholic, but I think of all the religions of the world Voudou has the least negative history.

Linda, October 12 2007, 8:04 PM

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