Please help my country Haiti

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Dear President My country deserve the very best, we need to stop the fighting and see our country as one. Fund schooling so kids could attend school so that we could stop poverty, kids are the future.

Find a way to clean the country, clean up the Capital we need tourism, stop the kidnapping, our country cannot survive with just Diaspora, clean up the beaches, make it a law for people to paint there home, give them small loan with 1 to 2 percent interest, make it a law to have standard housing.

Mr President you have travelled to the US you have seen all the great things in the world please help my country just be a little better just one day at a time. We need a true police force, we need an army just like any other country.

We need

A Man Who Loves His Country, September 10 2007, 9:21 AM

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