Mirelande Manigat Curses Martelly In Her Concession Speech

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Mirelande believes that the presidential elections were stolen to her and she would not see the change that Haiti is dreaming for. I like Martelly's first presidential press conference where he said that he would not choose someone because s/he was a presidential candidate but he would choose someone based on his or her intellectual abilities as well as his or her past experiences for any wanted position.

He continues to say this: "To appoint someone in any position, there should be a request and he would examine that request with supporting documentations to decide on that said request."

Very good Martelly, we trust you and you will end that vicious cycle of the old political family within the Haitian institutions.

Good job so far! I am pleased with your wife Sophia St-Remy Martelly, and your children Yanni Martelly, Olivier Martelly and Malaika Martelly.

As they all stated it, you are a very well-disciplined husband and father and I believe that you would be a good president for Haiti.

Please heal this nation as much as you can, and don't worry Mirelande will calm down and her percentage will go deeply down by the time they finish counting those votes.

I believe that her percentage would be around 20% to 25%.

All foreign journalists who monitored the elections believed before the preliminary that you would win up to 70% of those votes.

It will be done and stay calm. We will pray for you and the nation will heal. As a cool guy, you have no enemies except the ones who refuse to join Haiti for the best. Haiti will change and we will be respected again.

Good job Micky! Long live to Haiti!

Toulimen Legrand, April 6 2011, 1:11 AM

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