Homosexuality Is Gender Divisiveness Among Heterosexual People

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Jynne, you came up with pretty good ideas, but there is no practiced Christianity per se in the New World i.e. Americas and the Caribbean.

Christianity is practiced in Bethleem and other parts in those Eastern Nations.

However, in America we are practicing Judeo-Christianism with the Christian Bible.

The Bible book started with Five books of the Torah which are Genesis, Leviticus, Exodus, Deuteronomy and Numbers as written by Moses to mean the Books of Laws. The rest of the Bible came from several other nations such as Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, and Babylonians to name a few. It is a white men self-written book as a new covenant to all human beings on earth.

Haiti is not a Christian nation nor a Voodoo nation too. Haiti is a little bit of everything.

It is a multi-religious country although Haitian Christians think that Haiti is a Christian nation.

It is very far to be a Christian nation.

If you want to learn about a Christian nation, I will suggest you to visit Bethlehem.

The Christian Bible as used there is very different than the Judeo-Christian's Bible used in Haiti.

The Oriental Christians are the true Christians on earth and the life of Jesus is well detailed in their Bible and they are surprised to learn that we are praying Jesus as God whereas for them Jesus is a Prophet and a Great Teacher.

I am not sure Christianity was born in East Africa such as Ethiopia as you have mentioned it in your posting.

Africa has always practiced traditional religions such as Animism which later transformed to Buddhism, Christianism and Islamism.

We are not fighting Christianity as a religion but we are denouncing many sins as emerged from the Judeo-Christianity's practices in the New World.

Haitians don't need to be saved in the white men's self-written bible.

Whites perceive all of us as repented slaves within their own religion and as former slaves we should obey to the white masters as prescribed within the Judeo-Christian's Bible.

Go read the Epistles of Paul and you will knmow if I am wrong.

It is said in the Judeo-Christian Bible that the slaves should obey to their masters and the women to obey to their husbands' will as Christ is the chief of the church.

Why should Haitians accept Jesus as their savior and redeemer when that same Jesus stated that the son of men did not come on earth to be praised and adored but to be served?

Jesus has served us well and he has left us his legacy that we must follow to serve others well. Do you want to serve others by following his example?

I am not asking you to pray him to be saved, but I am asking you if you are ready to carry out his legacy in serving others well. If you can serve others well without harming, killing and dividing them, then, you are already saved and you are living your paradise on earth.

Will you carry Jesus' s legacy which requires us to serve others well?

That's my question to you. I love Jesus as one of the Greatest Teachers and not as my savior for Jesus himself never asks me to adore him to be saved.

The white men impose its self-slavery written bible on us and ask us to adore Jesus to be saved.

They may see many Haitians as Christian niggers but not me. I am saved through the legacy of Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tseu, Conficius, Toussaint, Dessalines, Christophe and Petion to name a few. Their spirits are alive in me and I feel good. I am a rebel to you and the white men and I am ok. I love freedom and I cannot be Christians in the eyes of the evil white men scientists, the viruses creators, the controller of people's destiny, the divider of all human beings and the entitled race of everything on earth.

I want you to understand the fight that we are arguing here. It is not a fight against religion but it is a fight to keep the human heterosexual civilization alive as being under attack by Jew scientists and White German scientists in America.

Jynne, we are fighting to save you and the human race and not any religion per se. Your religion is under attack because Jew scientists and white German scientists will redefine pretty soon marriage as being the union between a man and a woman, two men, two women, two censenting adults and a human with an animal.

That's what you need to understand to save the heterosexual civilization if you are one of us. I hope you are one of us and stay alive to fight to save the human race.

Toulimen Legrand, March 26 2011, 9:15 PM

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