The right choice

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Will we make the right choice this time?

Will we let emotion aside and vote the right person in the office of the Presidency in Haiti.

This is an historical moment to seize and this is the moment to make a choice that will either doom us for the next generation or thrust us in the concert of nations.

We may not have a good pool to choose from and we may be facing agonizing and wrenching decision but it is imperative that we reach deep down within ourselves and once in our history make the right choice.

The choice between an unrefined popular singular but full of dynamism and an older Professor lacking charisma
is not easy. Yes, the choice between a seemingly arrogant who does not remember a clause of her constitution and another brute force, street fighter who knows nothing about protocol is indeed agonizing but we must choose one...Let us think it over and over and over. I am not a fan of determinism nor am I a fan of fatalism...I believe in the freedom of choice and am a free will
disciple ---so the choice we make today will determine our let's vote and vote right
Good luck from far away

Kamoken, March 12 2011, 8:23 PM

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