President Michel Martelly In Less Than Two Weeks

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He is loved and admired by all Haitians in Haiti.

He has the charisma and he knows how to articulate the Haitian people's message.

Former candidate Baker argues the other day that to be president of Haiti one needs to know how to deliver messages to the Haitian people.

He said that Michel is doing a great job in articulating his own economic agenda to the Haitian people.

They have similar program and both of them understand the needs of the Haitian people than any other candidates.

He said that Haitians need foods, clothing and housing now and any leader that can do that for all Haitians in Haiti they will be pleased to vote for that leader.

He believes that Micky will win with a landslide vote. Good argumentations Baker and we want you to be selected as the next prime minister or the Agriculture Minister if wanted.

We love you and along with Baker you will move Haiti forward.

May God protect the Second Youngest President of Haiti named Michel Martelly!

Toulimen Legrand, March 3 2011, 12:52 PM

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