United Nations Troups infected Haiti!

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Your governemnt is a puppet, it does not have nay respect in the world.

Why don't the United Nations go to Venezuela or Cuba?

Their butt will be kicked out like dogs. But they have the gutt to infect Haiti with disease.

Go home! Haitians don't need you in thier land and territories.

After they live the countries Preval and it governemnt should spray the countries with chlorox and bleach; that is the solution.

Haiti need leader with character and selfsteem.

Look around the Caribbean Such as Jamaic, Bahamas, Keykos, MArtiniques they stablish themselves, why Haiti can not be a Country of dignity and respect?

I ask the Haitian Police to protect its Citizen and the nation.

Never never killed you brothers and sisters.

Do you understand me, then you will pay that when God give power back to the people.

I am a Prophet of God I am always here to warn people, but they are always beleived at the end.

Rev. Dr. Dumaine, November 22 2010, 1:40 PM

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