Manman Lobey! N Y C Mayor Michael Bloomberg now supportive 2-term limit

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Bloomberg now supportive of 2-term limit
Last Updated: 1:43 PM, October 25, 2010
Posted: 1:40 PM, October 25, 2010
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he supports a ballot measure to restore the city's term-limit law to two terms.

Bloomberg is responsible for changing the law in 2008 to three terms.

He persuaded the City Council to extend it so he could run again.

A spokesman says Bloomberg only supported three terms for himself, because the situation was extraordinary.

At the time, Bloomberg said the city needed him to get through the financial crisis.

He promised he'd convene a charter commission to put the question before voters again.

Voters will consider it next Tuesday.

The question asks whether to amend the city's charter to two terms.

If voters check "yes," the law will be changed back to two consecutive four-year terms.

If they reject it, the three-term law will stand.

The Dark Knight, October 25 2010, 4:25 PM

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