one thing I would like to see free election no discrimination

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I tell you that I don't have a favorable candidate, when will we have a president that can put reconciliation among us. judge people by their action, not by their character (look).

Haiti is creol country why we let us colonised until now by franch language and we only focus on coming to America.

we better focus on English and creol.

Raynold Dorsainvil, August 16 2010, 12:05 PM

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If Haiti is a Creole country which means a mulatto country, Creole should be the language of Haiti. The word Creole... read more >
Toulimen, 16-Aug-10 11:39 pm
Wow I tell you buddy you 've got words, I can see you are getting the point of the situation and if we all can see... read more >
Raynold Dorsainvil, 17-Aug-10 9:46 pm


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