RE: La Commission De Garantie Electorale

Election Control Says...

Free elections are a farce, a cruel joke in the Americas.

The USA manipulated the so called free elections in the Americas.

What differencence does it makes in those so called rigged elections?

The USA has been manipulating those elections since several decades in the Caribbean, Latin America and elsewhere.

It does not matter if the election happened in Dominicah Republic, in Jamaica, in Haiti, in Trinidad, in Mexico, in Honduras, in Panama, in Chile, in Argentina, in Colombia etc..

Posted June 22 2010 at 1:14 AM

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Free Elections Are A Farce,A Cruel Joke In The Americas. The USA Manipulated The So Called Free Elections In The Americas. What Differencence Does It Makes In Those So Called Rigged Elections? The USA Has Been... Election Control 06/22/2010