Antonioj, why you try to avoid your woman by staying in the...

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Antonioj, why you try to avoid your woman by staying in the computer?

Go to see your Urologist so he could solve your banana frillo problem for you.You already spent a substantial amount of money by visiting hungan to solve the problem without success.

Thos is not a hungan job. Go to see an urologist.

You cannot keep up with us on this site. We are more than 20 at this university willing to give you a reply.

We have free time and free computer.

You are the banana frillo #2 and Brian is banana frillo # 1
By the way WINS 1010 keep mentioning your case every 15 minutes as banana frillo.

I want all the blogers including you to associate your name Antonioj with the commercial banana frillo.

Hoping that this will haunt your mind until you end up in the nut house.

This is applied witchcraft or modern psychology.

Banana frillo means Antonioj.

If you pass by a vegetable store and you see banana remember those banana frio symbolize your impotence case also. Banana+Antonioj=impotence.

Repeat and think about this mantra 1800 times a day until you start uttering it unvoluntarily then your next to kin will have to bring you to the nearest nut house.

Lakou Lakay, June 13 2010, 2:50 AM

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Antonioj, why you try to avoid your woman by staying in the computer? Go to see your Urologist so he could solve your... read more >
Lakou Lakay, 13-Jun-10 2:50 am
Antonioj, This is my last with for I ahve reached the end of my rope with you. I think you are the dumbest and the... read more >
Tiba, 13-Jun-10 7:37 am
Lakou you sure disgusting, hmm hmm why do I get the feeling that your response is tinged with sarcasm? Because I know... read more >
Antonioj, 13-Jun-10 7:47 am
Tiba offer this "Stop making a fool of yourself try to understand the definiton of debate before trying to engage... read more >
Antonioj, 13-Jun-10 8:33 am
Tiba come out and play I need to be entertained forum’s clown, let’s pop the popcorn and the wine. It is pitiful... read more >
Antonioj, 13-Jun-10 9:55 am
Tioul Ameriken rele Jean Batrand Aristide, Rene Preval, Jacob Francois. Se yo ki te mete ambago ekonomik sou Ayiti an... read more >
Marie Jose Porteur, 13-Jun-10 12:45 pm
Marie Jose Porteur, excellent post, with footnotes, link, independent sources. Tiba I'm "antonioj" the individual that... read more >
Antonioj, 13-Jun-10 1:52 pm
It's a darn shame that you guys show no restraint in your mindless behavior. May I caution youm however that some of... read more >
Bernard Valcourt, 13-Jun-10 5:40 pm
Antonio-j, you said that "I write for educated people, not for demented, half wit, imbecile, liars like you." Who are... read more >
Lakou Lakay, 13-Jun-10 10:25 pm
Hey little imbecile, You have a macoutic tendency. You cannot intimidate no one on this blog. It appears that you... read more >
Lakou Lakay, 13-Jun-10 10:39 pm
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