Haitians SOME Have been paid, offered U.S. citizenship to put their country down

Jean Pe - June 8 2010, 11:48 AM

Yes! Because U live in U.S. that's why you keep calling your own people all kind of name and keep blaming yourself and other Haitians for every bad things happen to Haiti and Haitian people.

You just don't feel comfortable to write the true about how it really going down in Haiti and for Haitian living in U.S. n1hc.com/blog.html

Response to:

Whoever writing this story you need to calm yourself...


Hati Considere Jean Bertrand Aristide Comme Un Traite Par Maxime M. Pierre

Merci Maxime. A travers votre article vous venez de rendre un grand service a la nation. Aristide et Preval sont deux...

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