It is important to remind people the works of Duvalier and...

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It is important to remind people the works of Duvalier and Ariste both former presidents of Haiti.

They probably could do very fine in Haiti.

They are so dedicate their lives for Haiti law and order, justice and protection of the poor. It is a belief that haitians have to be ruled by the former- ex -presidents who have shown them leadership by anarchy and brutality, not by example.

What history is waiting for is the arrestation of Duvalier and Aristid for crimes committed against their own peole, nation, and mismanagment of the tresurer's fund. The fact is not relevant to confim this hypothesis, but Books and Aricles reported that Duvaliers still have about $ 100 millions hide for about many of his future generation, and Ariste as from les Cayes of Haiti has more $ 200 millions for many of his genration; and guest what Haiti still has to pay for all outlaw $ 10 millions a day. Don't even ask for proof, but call the United nations or OEA and maybe the figures couls be way higher than that! Duvalier invented the Krazo Zo and titanyen, Aristid Invented Kawoutchou, dechoukaj, pastorat des borkor, armees des enfants de Gonaives, Cite Soleil, Belair, Solino, le paiement des force police par le drogue et cocaine.

Please understand me well, Aristid could be a very good president by staying in the course of duty, but the greed of money, pleasure, power, aren't him who has insulted Preval' sister, find out for me?

Why don't you or some one else decide to go to the election, enabling the quality and possibility to change the nation?

In civilised countries, the dog don't eat a food that it has vomitted!

Let make a deal or no deal sruvey.

Vote to see how many have eanted to have Duvalier and Aristid be arrested by the Unites Nations: International Court of Justice?

Vote now and don't delai!

For Preval, He is a litte better than both of them for he is not put up with arming children, divided the people.

Remember, I don't pratice hatred, but love and justice.

I will not waste my time arguing with peole that don't have a plan of action.

It is observed that you have very good ideas.

Keep up for the best of all us!

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, May 14 2010, 4:48 PM

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Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, 16-May-10 1:48 pm
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