Why would people ask for Jean Claude Duvalier to be the next...

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Why would people ask for Jean Claude Duvalier to be the next president of Haiti after all that have had happen under such government?

Don't get me wrong about my opinion to speak so louder when it comes to situation in Haiti.

Some of you are just the hero for the right cause and issue, but many are the same former employees of the president, and I don't blame them to share that friendship, it is okay, but the thing is that Change will never happen by turning the clock around unless Haitians decide not to look back but forward.

What do I mean in such interpretation, baby Doc even he was not the one authorized the destruction of the social and economic development of Haiti, but been president has a moral value and standard of justice to follow and when it fails the head of the state shall be held liable.Now, instead of asking for Him to return in Haiti, why don't call and pressure the International Court of Justice to warrant an extradition of Him and maybe the five-hundreds Millions dollars would be return to reinvest in environmental, education, clean up of the country.

Oh God Haitian people are waiting for you miracle, they need relief, they need help, they are dying, the government with some special groups called forces drag them to ti tanyen, haitian leaders seem careless and ready to destroy anyone trying to speak the truth.

Haitian Leaders, believe me I love you all you are my brothers and sisters at least for me that is what I believe.

Idon't know for you, brothers and sisters mean money, power, manipulation, intimidation, two hundreds years of word without action, false promises, but the time comes to put our diffrences aside to rebuild and save the country.

However, we shall never by-pass justice for those who committed crimes, atrocities, abuse of power, mismanagement of fund. Let take by example: Siera Leon president Charles Taylor, Kosovo, etc..

have to respond to the International Court of Justice in the Hague for their deeds good or bad on behalf of their nations.

Why don't Haiti can vener try the presidents for been the worst against their own people that will serve an example and maybe things will change.

Instead they get a free ride and in return to mock the people hah, hah, hah they come back again to be a leader.

I can not believe that, Haitian believe those who never tell the truth but good word to deceive them. Do you know Duvalier or Aristide has enough money to buy Haiti, either one of them maybe like the people just to deceive them to get in power.

Why not be a good citizen and put yourself and the money to work without interest in government to show the kind of humanist that you are. Most of Haiti are under trash and mosquito with roads that are never in the mind of the government to fix. President can not build the nation himself, but shall lead by example to build an aspiration to eradicate poverty, malnutrition, hunger, killing of people for no reason because they give their opinion.

Please don't forget to wish one another.

Vive les Heros de l' Independence d' Haiti, Vive la Republique Democratique d' Haiti, Vive 18 Mai, 1804.

I don't care who hate God, as for me God is my life and Church is my refuge because when Haitian governemnt can not work God always in control.

Church is not in politic, pastors are not in politic they are only be the voice for the truth that many will dare not to speak.

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, May 15 2010, 7:55 PM

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