No More Poverty Pimps' Elites in Haiti

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The Haitian Rat Elites And The United States
We are under the United States Protectorate since 1915 and the rat Haitian elites were responsible.

Since 1915, we never destroyed that treaty and we let the United States use Haiti as its own back yard. If those elites wanted to develop Haiti, they could have submitted a law project to the Haitian Congress to break that treaty and ask all Haitians to vote through a referendum to ban that treaty, for the Haitian people are the sovereign.

Those stupid elites never did that, and they let others believe that the United States own Haiti.

They are the managers of poverty on behalf of the United States and we can call them Haitian poverty pimps.

Right now, we must stop this political hidden agenda.

We should submit to the Haitian Congress a political law project which gives to the Haitian people 4 different options such as:
Option 1: Status Quo with the American Protectorate
Option 2: Enhanced Commonwealth with Self-Determination Rights
Option 3: Statehood with a Clear Social and Political Path
Option 4: Independence with No Protectorate of the United States
Option 5: Interdependence with Sovereignty Rights
Both the United States and the Rat Haitian Elites are poverty pimps with option number one. We should vote now to clear the mess. In your answer, make sure you clarify your option.

Why do you think such option will be good for Haiti and all Haitians?

You should clarify the notions of Commonwealth, Protectorate, Enhanced Commonwealth, Self-Determination Rights, Statehood, Independence and Interdependence.

As I know that many of you want a better life for the Haitian people, I am asking you to freely voice your opinion.

We can disagree without being disagreeable people.

However, uneducated Haitians are disagreeable people and we must educate them in a way to disagree without being disagreeable.

We have discussed all issues such as corruption, ethnic group issues (mulatto versus dark skinned Haitians), repugnant elites, unqualified Haitians in public labor, the NGOs as poverty pimps, brown elites versus old mulatto aristocracy, Duvalier without Duvalier, the old Army as symbol of Ancient Regime, Lavalas versus Duvalier, Chimeres, Zinglins, Lafanmi, Operation Lavalas, Cooperative gangs with Aristide, Gerard Dumont and Jean-Claude Duvalier, the terrain preparation for Nicolas Duvalier, women rights, Haitian Patriarchal system, Haitian infrastructure problems, despotism, clientelism, criminal gang acts, the kidnappers and the brown elites, Haitian name changes, Haitian political patrons such as Mevs, Delatour, Vorbes, Brandt, Madsen, Saliba, Castera, Brown, Beaussan, Vitiello, Flambert, Accra, and Preval.

Right now, after exploring all those issues, we should decide for Haiti's political future.

Clear the political mess now. Voice your opinions now...

Dessalines The Avenger, May 1 2010, 1:51 PM

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