We will never be able to get those criminals in jail, for they...

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We will never be able to get those criminals in jail, for they are financed by the Arabs of Port-Au-Pce to keep the Haitian diaspora in exile as well as retaining the control of the Haitian monopoly market.

This is the last fight we have with this reconstruction to create an independent state in Haiti.

NEWS does not want Haiti to be an independent state.

The Salibas will do everything in their power to prevent this future independent state from taking in place in Haiti.

The Castera, Biggio, Accra, Vitiello and Vorbes will pay Haitians to destroy everything in the days ahead.

They will finance the kidnappers to start kidnapping and killing others just to retain control over the Haitian market.

Mews will ask his kidnapping groups to start killing the international community members in the days ahead.

They live in the mountains of Port-Au-Pce as Filibusters and Buccaneers, for they want those kidnappers to bring their stolen money from kidnapping activities to them. They always find a way to get those kidnappers out of jail. They are the ones that killed Jean-Dominique, the Ismerys, Mireille Durocher Bertrand, Yves Volel, Fignole, Luc B. Innocent, Sylvio C. Claude and others to name a few. We need to stop those Arabs in their killing activities that benefit them a lot. The Haitian elites always chose political instability to make more money over anything.

The Arabs are expert in the art of killing, lying, dividing people and political assassinations too. Arabs are dirty bitches that we should not have in Haiti.

They are the destroyers of the Haitian economy.

They like easy money and they are lazy people.

They do not represent good elites, for they create a contraband economic system in Haiti.

The brown elites of Haiti are crooks and criminals...

Dessalines The Avenger, April 15 2010, 12:59 AM


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We will never be able to get those criminals in jail, for they are financed by the Arabs of Port-Au-Pce to keep the... read more >
Dessalines The Avenger, 15-Apr-10 12:59 am
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Sylvia, 15-Apr-10 4:27 am
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