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Ms. Toulumin Doubout, my Executive Secretary informed me today that you declined your current position as a Self appointed Grammarian and Linguist because you have an extended family emergency.

I understand the stresses that are associated with this position especially if you are unable to stand and deliver**.

I feel that the family emergency subterfuge is a face saving.

I feel that it is the right thing for you to do because it will shield you from embarrassments

I wish you well in your capacity as a mediocre bluffer.

Starting May 1St, 2010, I will have opening for janitors, cleaning ladies, messengers, errands escorts, sugar cane cutters, landscaping and beauty parlors but Haitians need not to apply.

The aforesaid positions are reserved for Dominicans Rep citizens in Haiti.

All able but sub-literate or mis-educated Haitians are now required by law to have a marketable skill that is in demand and at least must complete a four years Degree in exact sciences+ at least a two years Degree in liberal Arts. This law was amended to the Haitian constitution yesterday.

Those that fail to attend school will be escorted by force to reformatory schools were they will have to learn the basics against their will. There is nothing Cousin Sam could do about it. We are not violating their rights; we are empowering their rights and restore their fundamental dignity as part of the healing process.

I urge you to return to school so you could upgrade your academic skills and enhance your abilities to help other Haitians in the near future.

I will no longer entertain correspondence with 1KAMOKEN since her funds of knowledge is currently lamentable, unless that person return to a reformatory school before May 1st 2010 for a "recycling".

Her teacher must send me recommendation letters before she could sign on this blog in the future as Self appointed Dr. Grammarian Linguist.She will have to demonstrate her intellectual capacities.

That is to say: Bring the pudding with you and show us the proof instead of the bluff.

**Did you recall this movie?

Stand and deliver-1988.

Dr. Feel Bad, April 9 2010, 11:56 PM

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4/7/2010 Dear 1KAMOKEN, Ms. Toulumin Doubout, my Executive Secretary informed me today that you declined your current... read more >
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1kamoken, 13-Apr-10 1:21 pm
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