Jerome Geevarghese, Do you people understand anything at all...

Tiba - March 1 2010, 8:40 PM

Jerome Geevarghese,

Do you people understand anything at all?

Can you at least try to understand the content of a message before answering and making an *ss of yourselves?

Who ever said or against Haitians learning another language or other languages?

For your information Haiti is the most multi-langual country in the entire Caribbean.

Go to Haiti and you will hear Creole, English, Spanish, French, etc. etc...

How many languages do you speak?

There are many people from India who live in the United States for years who still cannot even say "good morning" in English, so please, don't try to make English inefficiency a Haitian problem.

Furthermore, you must know that majority of Americans, 98% to be exact, speak only English.

The issue that we are discussing here has to do with a bunch of Haitians who are calling to ban Creole as Haitian's native language and adopt instead a foreign language as the spoken language.

It's like calling to make Spanish the spoken language of India.

Only a brain dead moron who would believe that is possible to do.

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My dear learning another language is not a shame see...


206 Years of Haitian History: Only 15 speak Frenc

After 206 years of History, we have only 15% of Haitians that speak French. That is a shame. Haiti has been excluded...

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Sorry if i misunderstood your real content in the...

Just for your Information I can Read and Write...

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