Shelino I don't mean to call you names. And you're right I do...

Zac - January 31 2010, 3:13 PM

Shelino I don't mean to call you names.

And you're right I do love my country and I know we Haitians are not perfect and I truly detest the Haitian government for its incompetence, if I could I would hang them all starting with Preval.

I know we have many faults as a nation which is why I come here to vent my anger and frustration.

You will never understand how it feels to be a Haitian and watch your people suffer in their own country and facing continual humiliation in other countries.

I know Haitians are treated as slaves in the Bateys in the Dominican Republic I blame my government for not providing for my people.

What i know is that no nation is perfect they may not be practicing voodoo but I'm sure they're doing something God doesn't approve of. In the face of human suffering no one should be passing judgment.

Preval and his fellow band of thieves are warned that justice is waiting for them around the corner.

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