I don't know what this is all about, because I only read this...

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I don't know what this is all about, because I only read this last response (which happened to be yours), but I found it so incredible that anyone would be foolish enough to go on a public site and fake an FBI identity.

I just had to say something even before reading the previous post. Carinne Cooper, I know that that is not your real name, and that you probably think that by using a fake name you are safe, but you are not. Maybe you just didn't think this through.

Posing as an FBI agent is not going to seem like a stupid prank to the real FBI. Using a fake name is not going to help you if they decide to come looking for the impostor who is using fake FBI credentials.

Anyone on his blog can forward your message to FBI headquarters, then you would be in more trouble than you can even begin to imagine.

Actually, because of your thoughtless post, they might already be watching you...hmm?

Linda, January 16 2010, 11:06 AM

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Jean Pe Haiti On Facebook, 15-Jan-10 9:32 pm
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Carine A. Cooper Fbi, 16-Jan-10 12:27 am
I don't know what this is all about, because I only read this last response (which happened to be yours), but I found... read more >
Linda, 16-Jan-10 11:06 am
Janette, 16-Jan-10 2:34 pm
Janette, what the other person wrote might have been stupid or whatever else it was, but it will not get them in... read more >
Linda, 16-Jan-10 4:03 pm
I tend to believe that Carinne could very well be an FBI agent, but again might not be. Nevertheless, great percentage... read more >
Tiba, 17-Jan-10 8:02 am
Tiba, federal agents don't spend time on the web claiming that they are FBI agents. read more >
Linda, 17-Jan-10 4:00 pm
Linda, I agree with you. I suspect that she uses the FBI impersonation to intimidate members of the blog which is also... read more >
Tiba, 17-Jan-10 4:20 pm
While you and that "Tiba" are sitting on your a...,saying stupidity, the white people are working for you., I thank... read more >
Janette, 17-Jan-10 5:44 pm
You really are a vulgar, low class individual Janette. I am already in Haiti. This computer is operating on a... read more >
Linda, 17-Jan-10 6:07 pm
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