oui nous pouvons changer le cours des choses!

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We must simply choose to think and act differently.

It is not an easy exercise, but it is possible since this choice is always the result of deep beliefs.

In that sense let us analyse one of today's reality.

Do you think we can afford DOZENS OF CANDIDATES for the presidential election, and at the same time win by having as president a citizen with great credentials, whose vision reflects a true understanding of the country needs.

Due to the current situation of Haiti at all levels, I think the risks are too high to take this path again, A NEW APPROAH IS A MUST! WE MUST ACT DIFFERENTLY!

I beleive the political leaders must discuss this matter and find among them FOUR GREAT CANDIDATES based first on their records (qualifications, acheivements through the years, character), not on friendship, social status or family liason.

I beleive the candidates must start as soon as possible to meet with the haitian communities to introduce themselves, and inform us of their dreams for the nation.

They must also be available for the collective debates.

I congratulate those who already took this step.

I beleive the current president, one of the most influential citizens of his country, has a unique opportunity, at a unique moment of our life, to serve as a great example for the future generations by ensuring a smooth transfer of power.

He must make sure that the democratic principles and the laws of the land are respected through the process.

It is never too late to do what is right!

I beleive, we citizens, by all means(internet, radio, cassette, television, meetings) we must get the information out about the candidates and educate the people about voting.

We must support them!

If we start the entire process early, we will be ready for any unexpected situation, even the one by which the members of the international world would want to choose a leader for us. Through civilized actions by our best ambassadors we will be able to justify our choice, and quite frankly we will avoid the nightmares of the past.

So, this time let us join together and act differently for real changes in Haiti.

Marie-Denise Jean-Francois

Marie-denise Jean-francois, November 16 2009, 8:06 PM

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