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Granted Lucas has made a name for himself, but does that really make him a great patriot?

What is a great patriot anyway?

Do you think he is a great patriot because he gave a one day training to new so-called young Haitian leaders, he taught social sciences at Lycee Toussaint, and he earned a black belt in martial art?

If that is the case, I could then claim myself as the greatest Haitian patriot.

I taught in certificat level at St.Rose-de-Lima school, I earned an orange belt in martial art, and I train Haitian teachers to be better teachers every time I go to Haiti as part of the project that I have in my hometown.

I went to Lucas' wbesite, and I saw a big collection of pictures he took with every single head of state in the world with a lot of other important figures, except the pictures he took with the pope and St. Peter.

He will be adding them to list very soon, I'm sure.

Using my critical thinking theory, the only conclusion that I could come up with is that "this is all about Stanly Lucas" and it has nothing to do with being a great patriot.

One of the most significant trait characteristics of a great patriot is that he/she works hard through different contributions to make his/her country a better place to live, and they do it very quietly.

Although they would accept it if given to them, but they usually don't look for recognition, of for a cookie, nor for a pat on the back.

For example, Dr. Paul Farmer, who is not a Haitian, would fit that description.

This is a white American man from Harvard who could make a lot of money and become very rich, but instead chose to walk away from all the opportunities he had in his ocuntry, USA, and moved to Haiti in order to fight AIDS. The world, especially the US, has used AIDS as their favorite weapon to tarnish the image of Haiti and to humiliate and dehumanize the Haitian people everywhere they are on the planet.

His work has reduced the cases of AIDS in Haiti tremendously even though Haitians don't realize that succes.

This man has testified before US congress many times trying to convince the US government to lift the economic ambargoes imposed on Haiti, to forgive Haiti's debts, and bring investments to Haiti.

I can also name Wycliff Jean. These 2 men, in my opinion, are not doing it for their own glory and glamour.

Therefore, I invite everyone to check Lucas website and go through the entire picture collection and ask yourself if this is really about being "great patriot" or if it is purely and simply about Stanley Lucas.

Different opinions are welcome.

It is perfectly okay to see it differently from my perspective without making me look like an moronic idiot.

Tiba, July 16 2009, 7:44 AM

Topic: Stanley Lucas Is He Patriotc?

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Lavaud Granted Lucas has made a name for himself, but does that really make him a great patriot? What is a great... read more >
Tiba, 16-Jul-09 7:44 am
Tiba, I just asked a question. I never said he is patriotic. He may be a patriot. He sounds as one. He is really... read more >
Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, 16-Jul-09 8:57 am
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Tiba, 16-Jul-09 11:14 am
Through his interventions on the radio and his writings, Mr. Lucas keeps denouncing injustice wherever he sees it;he... read more >
Marie-denise Jean-francois, 22-Aug-09 5:34 pm
I don't think Stanley Lucas is new to the political scene. He is involved through IRI for more than a decade doing... read more >
Jean Marc, 8-Dec-09 9:38 am
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Jojo, 8-Dec-09 10:11 am
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Linda, 9-Dec-09 9:32 am
I finally agree with you. read more >
As, 9-Dec-09 9:44 am
Mr. Lucas is on a self-promoting campaign for a long time now. Would he die for Haiti is the one-trillion dollar... read more >
Rft, 3-Apr-10 4:05 am
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