I've already realized that Haiti has many problems that are...

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I've already realized that Haiti has many problems that are left unsolved and doesn't even seem to be getting any type resolution.

And I myself personally have plans of opening a school down there for free so that the children in places such as Cite soleil could have an oppritunity to go to school without problem.

I understand that in order for Haiti to be the counrty that we want it to be we have to all do our part, because it's the little things that will bring prosperity to the counrty.

My whole thing is I'm tired of everyone always downing the counrty.

When people talk about Haiti, they always have to say something negative, For example "Hell is a Haitian Prison".

That is why I replied and said that in Brazil they treat prisoners more brutaly then they do in Haiti.

People (not you),but People who don't know the struggle and is certainly not doing anything to help are always downing Haiti.

Always making it seem as If it's a Republic full of Barbaric people, who are Illiterarte, and poor. Who have no sense of goimg to the next level as a counrty.

Who have no hope what so ever. Crime and hatred sweeps the streets and there absolutly no hope.They make it seem as if we were so insane that we just happen to be the first Black republic to gain independence.

And when I read these things and listen to them from the mouths of others, I feel a strong sense to defend the counrty.

To show that despite our economic, social,and government problems, theres more to us as a people.

We are intelligent, we have a rich culture, we have so many things that are positive about us and our counrty that brings out qualities that other nations fail to possess.

We just happen to have people governing our counrty who have absolutely no idea of what they are doing and and how to get the counrty moving in a positive direction that will bring us peace and prosperity

509queen954, June 16 2009, 8:21 AM

Topic: Hell is a Haitian prison

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509queen, do you live in Brazil? read more >
Linda, 12-Jun-09 12:21 am
No,but I have read on the internet that they do that. Do you live in Brazil? read more >
509queen954, 12-Jun-09 5:10 pm
When are you going to realize something is wrong and see if we can make some changes... some people do need to be... read more >
Jpierre, 14-Jun-09 7:21 pm
I've already realized that Haiti has many problems that are left unsolved and doesn't even seem to be getting any type... read more >
509queen954, 16-Jun-09 8:21 am
509queen, Reading your little message, I keep shaking my head and while saying my, my, my. So, you are going to open... read more >
Tiba, 16-Jun-09 2:52 pm
Tiba is bbbback. I only read a couple of line of this post before I knew that it was from you. Hey guy, sorry to hear... read more >
Linda, 16-Jun-09 4:28 pm
Linda - Thanks! I was planning to start that exercise regiment this week. read more >
Tiba, 17-Jun-09 7:02 am
And yet Haiti had the nerve to through Ernest Bennet into a prison in Haiti! read more >
John Anders, 29-Jun-09 12:11 am
John Anders, You need to calm down before you blow a gasket. I can see you have a profound love and admiration for... read more >
Tiba, 29-Jun-09 6:13 am
I know there are some in Haiti who didn't like Ernest Bennett or his daughter and that he had problems with Papa Doc... read more >
Earl Anders, 29-Jun-09 11:16 am
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