509queen, Reading your little message, I keep shaking my head...

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Reading your little message, I keep shaking my head and while saying my, my, my.

So, you are going to open up a free school in Haiti to children from places like Cite Soleil could have an education without any problem.And what kinda school it's going to be, if I may ask?

If the school will be free, will you be the only teaching those kids, oe do you intend to hire teachers and expect them to work for free?

If not, you must be a pretty rich person to pay teachers every month out of your pockets.

Tell me you are not high or smoking some powerful...

are you kidding me?

You are talking about Haiti as if there is no school there and the people never heard of something called school.

For you information, Haiti is loaded with schools, and maybe more than it really needs.

School is not the problem in Haiti, the system is. There is enough public schools in Haiti but the problem is the government only builds them and not furnishes them. The government expect the principals of those public schools to use money from their pockets to furnish the schools and provide all the school supplies to the children which they don't have.

The other problem with school in Haiti, is that the government refuses to pay the teachers who get paid from the government (state employees).

Often timses, these teachers would go months without paid and the government and the society expect them to do a good job educating these children.

The entire school system in Haiti is broken and need to get fixed.

Whe I left Haiti in the 90s, my hometown had only 5 schools and today it has 13 schools.

The other problem is that many of these teachers are teaching temporarily until they get on the new boat that is leaving town for the Bahamas or Miami, which creates a perpetual turn over in the schools.

Regardless what kind of school you open in Haiti, it have to run/operate under the current Haitian's school system curriculum and standards.

Don't think you are going to come like Louis-Jean Beauje and create your own system/curriculum.

Tiba, June 16 2009, 2:52 PM

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