Open Discussion: Amendment of Haiti's Constitution

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Open Discussion: Amendment of the Constitution

These folks who will be elected in April or November may have to vote
on a constitutional amendment and it is important to have fair

The Haitian parliament is interested in forming a Constitutional
Commission and this is a step in the right direction.

I call upon the Haitian Parliament to form a Representative
Constitutional Commission with all sectors and it would be great to
include the Diaspora.

The case to include the Diaspora: the right of the Haitian National
living in the Diaspora was violated constitutionally with these two
divisive articles 13 and 15 respectively.

It is imperative to have a
representative member of the Haitian Diaspora present and with voting
power and not as an observer.

We are one and there should be no difference between Haitian National
living in Haiti and in the Diaspora and I call upon the Haitian
Parliament to form a Constitutional Commission with at least a
representative member of the Diaspora.

NB: Please call the Senator/Depute who represent your constituent in
Haiti and let them know that the Diaspora is interested in taking
part in the constitutional commission.

The time is now !!!

Joseph Alfred, March 6 2009, 4:11 AM

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