Did Obama Diss Preval

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Watch the Did Obama Diss Preval video, This MSNBC video of the the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad came to our attention when it appeared that Obama completey dissed Haitian president

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Seide J says...

He diss it's own self as a president you need to know the protocol or hiring people you know how to deal with

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Dessalines The Avenger says...

Ariel, please do not bring any shame to Antonio Derilus ok. What you need to know there is no protocol in Haiti after the Fall of Duvaliers and the Lavalas Regimes destroyed culture, diplomacy, protocol and the rule of laws as well. What else did you expect?

Do not enter this game?

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Ariel Derilus says...

I am Ariel Derilus one of the smartest Haitian alive, and i said preval was wrong.

Born in Gonaives Haiti.

email: arierilus2145 at

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Jean Pierre says...

This fu.ker go to Cuba for treatment.

Don't hope he will die from aids,
Even regular people in Haiti get free coctails of aids drug provided by Hillary Clinton (clinics for women).

his terms will finish soon, be patient.

I know he is a jacka.s, professional thief, a junky with no love for coffee.

Tafiate pa kon

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Avenger says...

This piece of shjjj Preval, we need to get rid of him by any means necessary.

This scumbag is a didsrace to every one of us Haitians, He just knows his TAFIA andhis marmelade crap. I was patient because we should not advocate the getting rid of a President but in the case of this Fuc**r he has to go. Did he not have AIDS or liver

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Janette says...

Preval has no manners.

Preval does not know how to talk, he does not know how to get dressed, he does not know how to behave.

He is an ignorant.

There is one thing he does well, Hypocrisy and stabing his friends.

He is a real jerk. He is like Aristide, they are real twins, from one

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Sabrina says...

He should have, That f$uckin Preval has not done anything for

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Bernardo says...

Bonjour, a l'equipe Woodring Saint.P.S'il vous plait.J'ai une question.

Je voudrais s'avoir pourquoi je n'ai pas recu des e-mails, esperant une explication, merci God Bless l'equipe Thank you

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Wilkesse Dorcinvil says...

I do not think presidentObama did not want to greet President Preval as such Haitian president.

It is because president Preval touched him arm at first which is out of protocol.

I communicate every day with the Obama team and they have a heart for

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Eliahou Patrick Henry says...

Anyway! Anyhow! We should think and act and mean who we are: Haitians! and the world should know it once for all!

Thank you for your answer

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