I absoutely agree with you Linda. These incompetent leaders in...

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I absoutely agree with you Linda.

These incompetent leaders in Haiti will not grant double nationality to the "Diasporas" which has been exploited and called upon in time oftrouble.

Granting dual citizenship will not only bring back educated and skilled individuals, it will also improve the economy.

We would most likely retire in our country, spending, building, and therefore creating jobs, and to a certain extent stopping the brain drain that is going on. The diaspora have contributed so much to the financial life of Haiti and as a reward they refuse them the right of citizenship.

In a few more years the flow of money from the so called " Dixieme Department" ( I hate that expression), yes the transfer of money to Haiti will greatly reduced as most of the "boat people" ( me included) will retire, and they will have few relatives to support.

The young one who made it in the early 90's will have kids to send to college.

The flow of illegal immigrant is being stopped, I guarantee you in 15 or more years, the flow of money to Haiti will be severely reduced! it is said that in 2002 the Diasporas "650 million in 2002, representing 19 per cent of Haiti's gross domestic product (GDP) (World Bank, 2004, p. 3).

Already, remittances are well over 100 per cent of the value of
the nation's exports and surpass international assistance (odi.org.uk/HPG/papers/BG_Haiti_rem...
"Remittances to Haiti topped $1.65 billion in 2006, says IDB fundMar 5, 2007 ...

Most money sent by Haitian diaspora in the United States, with additional flows from Canada, France, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas ...


it is time for the Government to recognize the economical importance of dual citizenship for the country.

It is time for these idiots to stop being selfish, if they grant us this " favor" they will lose their job (so they think)!

I garantee you, if we stop sending money for 3 monthsm there will be riot and" dechoukay: Many head will fall and like it is said in creole " Anpil machwe ron ap chavire".

Zarien Krab, July 4 2008, 11:24 PM

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Linda, 3-Jul-08 9:55 pm
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Will Rosenberg, 4-Jul-08 12:30 am
I absoutely agree with you Linda. These incompetent leaders in Haiti will not grant double nationality to the... read more >
Zarien Krab, 4-Jul-08 11:24 pm
Zarien, I made that same suggestion last year. I suggested that if the Haitian Diaspora started an international... read more >
Linda, 5-Jul-08 4:19 pm
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Zarien Krab Spider, 5-Jul-08 7:25 pm
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Ti Rouge, 5-Jul-08 7:36 pm
Where this Mother F. comes from? he can't read and analyze nothing. He needs to be ignored!cursed bastard! get lost read more >
Doremi Fasol Lasido, 5-Jul-08 8:20 pm
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