Haiti will be free when every one Haitian start thinking like...

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Haiti will be free when every one Haitian start thinking like free people, when each and every Haiti stop thinking Haiti as a being that could change itself and start to realize they are all part of the possible solution instead or rather them expecting for the change to come from the Government.

There are many bloody things a single Haitian, especially the Diaspora Haitians can do without having to deal with the Haitian government such as: The Country's strength is in the National production.

How about diasporas start going to Haiti and start dealing directly with the peasants by begin investing $500 at a time in sponsoring them to farm and tell them if the progress that it will be more money that you will invest in them thus more profitable and growth means more money.

Many of them wish to work, both the lack simple basic tools and irrigation conservation plan that any Haitian Diaspora can buy at Home Depot, Lowes and Wall-Mart.

Haiti will be free when each single musicians performing every week end start doing fundraisers and donating one week end proceeding to a cause in Haiti that they do not have to go to any government to open some kind of Haitian Artists Association banking account that money can be only deposited into and donate to some local Haitian schools to institute some kind of music programs and to buy instruments for these kids to be inspired at least in music.

Haiti will be free when Haitians learn to stop making excuses and stop playing victims and start putting to good used those so called degrees and certificates or even doctorate and bachelors they have earned to abroad.

Haiti will be free when we stop talking about this great independence we have taken years and years ago and have not got off out lazy butts since.

Haiti will be free we start taking the streets day after day, after day and after day and demand those senators and deputes to stop sponsoring and ordering those kidnappings in Haiti.

Haiti will be free when we stop trying to have one foot in and one foot out in asking for double Nationality so that we could go to Haiti and be part of the politic with conditions of knowing when stuff hit the fan that we could just slip into the US. We k now what the constitutional procedures requires and the sacrifices that need to be made in the even one particular Haitian was to be caring to participate in Haiti's governmental process.

It requires that you have not naturalized or if naturalize or not you must reject this naturalization and regain the Haitian one and must live in Haiti for five years.

That is the deal. Not all the governmental functions in Haiti requires such a process.

There are various many social level one Haitian can be invested that they do not need to be a direct government official or member.

Haiti will be free when we start coming to the US and not be too quick to seek Naturalization and when we start coming to the US with an already determination to go back home and give back. It is more of a shame when in our thinking that those possibilities are not even entertained.

No, shame on us; shame on each and every single one of us in particularly waiting for hand outs. Did you know that $5,000 or even less could help start small businesses in Haiti.

I am sure many Haitians have more than $100,000 in their bank account and if we were to not have any Haitians at all with that small amount of money, well what and why have we been busting our butts here in the states for?

Shame on us then!!!

Will Rosenberg, July 4 2008, 12:21 AM

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