Frederick Douglass was ambassador of Haiti in the 1890's. He...

Greg Peters - June 6 2008, 1:58 PM

Frederick Douglass was ambassador of Haiti in the 1890's. He said that after Haiti went independent in 1804 that the U.S. and other European countries (mainly France) said that they will always keep Haiti down because it did not forgive African Haitians from killing French white citizens during the revolution.

France always said that they will never help Haiti by building infrastructure on the ashes of their compatriotes who died int the hands of African slaves.

Haiti is the first black republic in the western hemisphere and the second to go independent behind the U.S..

Other islands such as Bahamas, Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica went independent very recently.

Furthermore, the United Kingdom built much of their infrastructure and still has a great influence over them. No one helped Haiti.

There is a stereotype that blacks cannot govern themselves well. Europeans always wanted to prove that theory and always use Haiti as an example.

Spaniards and Hispanics in general historically have always been racist against blacks.

The Dominican Republic always said that Haiti needs a strong hand with a whip to rule Haiti because Haitians are predominantly Africans.

It is true that the media and other European controlled powers always will try to keep Haiti down. However, Haitians do not have to concede.

Haitians have to fight and prove that blacks are very intelligent and can rule themselves without corruption.



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